Disappointed with Breast Implants

I had 300cc over the muscle implants 6 months ago...

I had 300cc over the muscle implants 6 months ago.I feel very upset that i can feel the implants that i have,i wanted under the muscle!My surgeon said i had to have this as from breast feeding and with lack of breast tissue(which i seem to lose with the menapause)over was the only option.I would also have liked slightly smaller,but he said that the skin needed to be filled.

I am small and slim and i longed to have attractive and also lovely breasts to touch again,but quite often i find myself shrinking away from my husband,i have cried many times now.

Everyone i know has had there inplants over the muscle and although they do look quite nice i wish i could be like my friends who say they cannot really feel theres at all.

Please help and what would be my alternative,if i decided to seek further surgery.Sometimes now i wish i had had an uplift with small implant,but was scared about the scarring.I was a droppish 34b before surgery.

Please tell me what i can do as an alternative if i was to change them.If ther is an alternative?
i have the same problem , i had them done 2 weeks ago but they look like balloons , although with a bra i think they look great , without , they look fake , i was told exactly as you were...
Unfortunately, without examining you it is difficult to tell exactly what is going on. Cohesive gel implants do not get "bubbles" in them, but you can get a fluid collection around them in the capsule of the scar tissue. I hope with time this resolves for you and you enjoy your "new you".
Thankyou for your comment..Sometimes my breasts feel okay,but other times i can really feel the implants almost like bubbles!I have cohesive gel implants apparantly of the highest quality..I have been told that it is normal to be able to feel the implants when they are over the muscle?I did ask a colleague of his and he said he must of done it this way to give me more lift and volume..and said that probaly he would of offered me an uplift..I love them when i can,t feel the bubbles as mostly more than anything else all i longed for was not bigger boobs,but soft and sensuos that made me feel good about myself..
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