Different Size Aerolas After Breast Implants / Lift

I was very unhappy with my uneven "cow...

I was very unhappy with my uneven "cow utters" and wanted bigger breasts. I had a decent experience at the place where I went, but today after the tapes were taken off my aerolas, I noticed one is much bigger than they other. What do I do?

I had a breast lift and breast implants and now it's a month later and I just got my tapes off the aerolas and I notice they are a different size. It is very obvious. Does this eventually fix itself or do I need to get a corrective surgery?


Its been a few days and I have to come to the realization that they're not ever be 100% the same because perfection does just exist. they're evening out a little bit more and it's bothering me less. I would hate to have another surgical procedure. I don't know how hard the fix is, I have not researched it. I figure if I look in the mirror and I'm happy w/ myself, that's all that matters. It doesn't really bother me as much as it first did. Overall, I'm very happy w/ my new breasts.
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Its been about 7 months and I had they same problem after my lift as you 2 do, mine were different in size and shape, my dr told me to wait a while and just see if when the implants drop if it would change my nipples. they didn't change rate away but after 7 months They look alot better than they did. My dr also told me if I wanted to correct this that I should wait until my body got completly use to the implants so if he did the surgery he could reshape them to how the implants sit. I don't think its a big surgery I think its a couple of stitches under neath the skin,. I would advise you girls too wait a little bit because if u fix it now and after a while they might become different again. My dr recommended me to wait atleast a year if I am going to do the surgery.
I am having the same issue. Im trying to find out if its a hard fix. Have you had yours fixed. How do you feel about them now since you have had more time to heal?
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