Not Painful, Results Were Good Except I Asked for a C-cup and Received a B-cup

Not painful, results were good except I asked for...

Not painful, results were good except I asked for a C-cup and received a B-cup. I still have to wear a padded bra for the right proportion, but I feel much more feminine now.

I have had saline implants for a little over four years. Today an older gentleman at work gave me a huge bear hug that was extremely crushing. Afterwards my left breast felt "wet" from the inside. I went to the bathroom and it was not wet. This evening it is sore and still has a wet feeling, though nothing has changed in appearance. What is the cause of this feeling?


Who was your doctor?
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I had BA over 2 wks ago n I got silicone unders n the last few days I have been feeling the same thing...a wet feeling but it's not wet...wierd!
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