From Barely A to Size C. Want to Go Bigger.

I had a breast augmentation done last week. I was...

I had a breast augmentation done last week. I was barely a size A and now am about a size C. Look pretty good but want to go bigger.

I did something stupid today. I guess since I'm just about pain free, I forgot that I'm not supposed to lift anything and I lifted something heavy over my head. Now my muscle is very sore and I have a piercing pain.

I'm wondering if I just hurt the muscle or if I could of torn an internal suture? I feel dumb and I'm really scared I tore it and I'm going to bottom out. Please Help?? thanks!

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I would be careful before going bigger... I went from a A to a D and they look beautiful but they just don't fit right with my body. I am now looking to go smaller - to a B/C. Plus, it is hard to find clothes and even cute bras when you are a D. Not sure what to tell you about the pain, except to give your doc a call. Good luck!
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