Thinking About Changing the Breast Implant Placement Due to Saline Rippling

I am much more confident in my body, for I...

I am much more confident in my body, for I basically had no breasts beforehand. My only worry now is the rippling from my saline implants.

What is the cost of placing implants completely under the muscle, if they are already placed under the pectoral muscle?
I am very nervous. I went in for a consult yesterday. I am a small B and they are saying that 500cc will look good on me w/ my shoulders and hips! I told her I want to be a full C and would be ok if they came out to a small D! I am choosing to go w/ the silicone gel and will cost right at 6 grand! Is this about average! Any input is helpful!
I had saline replaced for silicone memory gel. They do ripple much less but my doc told me he had to use the round kind and fill them to maximum capacity to reduce rippling as I am very thin. They still ripple but not nearly as much. They were awful before yuck.
I recently had my saline implants replaced for silicone due to rippling. Even though silicone implants are to less likely ripple,I still have rippling present. Due to very thin tissue (nearly no fatty breast tissue of my own), rippling may still appear. My doctor stated the only way to rid of the rippling is to inject Alloderm (which is fatty tissue from Cadavers) or to gain weight. I guess I will just have to live with it as the Allderm is expensive and I do not care to gain weight.
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