350cc Saline Implants, Periareolar Incision, Will Swap Due to Capsular Contracture

Had my breast augmentation done 3 yrs ago and my...

Had my breast augmentation done 3 yrs ago and my left breast is developing capsular contraction. My implants are saline (350cc) inserted through periareolar.

As I am very pleased with the size, I would like to replace it with a new one and the same size. I also have thick scars after my surgery which are quite itchy sometimes.

Can I replace my implants throught the same incision and also revise my scars?
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I am very pleased with the look and size.

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Thanks for your comments. If you developed scars i.e. a capsule then there can be several reasons for this. First you may have been a little too active shortly after surgery. This injures the breasts and the only way the body heals is by forming scars. The second is the formation of a biofilm. This is when bacteria colonizes a breast pocket and creates a state of chronic inflammation which leads to progressive scarring. If this is the case a total capsulectomy needs to be performed and I would recommend replacement with a Sientra textured silicone implant. I've had great success correcting capsule contracture with this method.
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