Silicone Breast Implants in 2004 - Rupture?

I had breast implants at the age of 42 years old,...

I had breast implants at the age of 42 years old, after being so insecure, and unhappy with my figure. The results were well worth the wait.

I had silicone breast implants Sept 04, and now my left breast has SUDDENLY deflated and feels, and looks saggy, with a slight burning/tingling sensation, this seems to have happened within 2 days of noticing an unexplained upper back pain, similiar to having pulled a muscle, pain relievers do nothing to ease this.

About 2 yrs ago I returned to the surgeon to look at the same breast, as I was concerned about an "air bubble", and slight hardening, but nothing drastic, allergy tablets he recommended seemed to ease that, now 2 years on, and almost overnight, this same breast has deflated, and I'm panicking, I have no money/insurance or means of getting the implants removed and replaced...

What shall I do?
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I was at ease, throughout the whole experience.

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Update to my question above: I called the clinic, and now know I had saline implants, not silicone as I thought or assumed, My left breast has defintaly deflated, and a consultation is going to cost me $90. The implants I have are covered for 10 yrs, ( I did'nt know this) so it wont cost me anything to have the deflated one replaced, although I would like both done at the same time, so they are both the same age, I dont think thats going to be an option, as I am convinced I did not pay a very small fee for a better warranty...I really need to be either concious when I'm asked about this, or read the small print, as it will cost $1000 to have the other implant, thats not deflated replaced. Thank you for replying.
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Glad to hear you've started to sort things out and that the implant will be covered by warranty (who knew - the warranty on your car might run out before your breast implants? :).

Best of luck with the exchange and please keep us posted!

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What you've described sounds really odd because silicone ruptures tend to be gradual, whereas saline ruptures deflate more suddenly.

Here's a Doctor Q&A page with more information on detecting a rupture: How to detect a rupture in a breast implant?

Since money is a concern, this thread might help as well: Risky to wait before removing ruptured Silicone breast implants?

I'd recommend at least seeing a doctor to discuss whether you have a rupture. Some doctors offer free consultations and may be willing to help you with financing options if needed. Here's a link to surgeons in your area: Alabama breast implant surgeons

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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