Breast Implant Surgery After Rupture of First Implant

Was very happy with my breast implants until the...

Was very happy with my breast implants until the one on right ruptured for no reason. Was just sitting in bath tub and had been feeling a burning sensation on top of breast under skin for 3 weeks. Pushed on my breast a little to see if it would help with discomfort any, and I felt a lump. Naturally freaked as breast cancer runs on my maternal side, and pushed around the lump and next thing I knew my breast was flat.

It was still under warranty so had it replaced, but the new implant feels really tight and does not seem to want move where it belongs.


I just have to reply on this. I see so many PS telling us to try medication or massage techniques that it may help. Well god bless those it does help. But I had capsular contracture problems ever since I first had implants when I was 21 and had 4 revisions removing the scar tissue just for it to come back again and I been on all the different meds and massage was a part time job. It just doesnt work. I had mine removed too costly and not worth the headaches. If your body is rejecting the implants it probably will continue to no matter what you do. If you want to keep the implants I wish you the best of luck but just remember you will continue to line the pockets of the ps while he will never give you a guarantee that any revision will work. Removal is an option and not always such a bad outcome. I had mine in for 20 years and paid thru the nose hoping theyd be fixed and to no avail. I feel so much better that theyre out and my problems are gone guaranteed! My point of this message is I'm so tired of the ps's rambling about how theyre gonna help when they probably know youll have another bad outcome.
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You may have an early capsular contracture...see your Board Certified Plastic surgeon as they may be able to start medication or massage techniques that may help. Best of Luck! Dr. C
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Dr. Ossma Ascha

Dr. was very helpful and very informative.

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