Breasts Totally Disappeared After I Had Children (250cc, B Cup)

I had breast implants 8 weeks ago because my...

I had breast implants 8 weeks ago because my breasts totally disappeared after I had my children. I used to be a full B cup. So, I decided to get back to a B cup by having silicone implants, 250cc. They were placed under the muscle and look great! I had very mild pain after surgery and recovery was very quick. I had excellent care before, during and after my surgery.

I am having a little issue right now, however. I feel like the left implant may be slipping downward and toward my armpit. It's actually a little uncomfortable. I am wondering if my implant may be slipping. I know that it's a risk that is involved with implants. It just kind of shocked me since I am 8 weeks out and it just started to happen about a week to two weeks ago.

Even if I do have to get my left breast fixed, I am will to do so. I enjoy having breasts again for many reasons. I also have an excellent doctor and have complete faith that he can fix whatever the problem may be!

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I have complete faith in my doctor. He answers all of my questions and has guided me through the entire process of the breast enhancement.

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I'm curious wat doctor too. I'm afraid the same thing will happen to me.
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which doctor did you go with? i am from madison wi and am looking to find the right doctor.
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