Breast Implants - I Was Always Self-conscious About the Way I Looked

I had a breast implant this past June because I...

I had a breast implant this past June because I have always had very small breasts and was always self conscious about the way i looked. Then I lost 67 pounds, they got smaller so I finally decided to get them done and I am so happy I did! I have never felt better about myself! I went from barely an A cup to a D cup now.

i had saline breast implants this past june and i was wodnering why my breasts feel hard when i wake up in the morning?
Mine aren't hard anymore-they feel normal now because they had settled in and everything. When they are hard-all you have to do is massage them and then they start to feel normal
will tha breast stay hard as long as you have the implants??
I too have saline unders and mine also are hard in the morning, they even start to feel hard throughout the day if I don't massage them. When I asked my doctor he said it is caused by swelling and to keep massaging. I hope this doesn't continue for too long, it makes working somewhat uncomfortable at times.
Dr. Joel Nasca

He is a great doctor. He will tell you what you should go up too and what not to.

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