Breast Augmentation - Textured Silicone Unders

My experience was good. they are a definate...

my experience was good. they are a definate improvement to me when comparing before and after. I didnt expect them to turn out the shape that they have but i was shown similar photos so i could make an informed decision as to which ones to go for.

how long after breast augmentation till my partner can squeeze my breasts or hug me tightly without risk or rupture or damage? I have textured silicone unders and I am about 7 weeks out but am so scared of applying any kind of prssure to them yet. When is it safe to do so? Thankyou

hi, where in australia did you do them? thanks

phheew!! thankyou so much! :)
Usually at 2 weeks, but if still ecchymotic ( black & blue) or with swelling WAIT another week, to 3 weeks post operative. You should always refer to the operating surgeon, they are the responsible party to your care and YOU paid for their TOTAL care. Hope that helps. Regards and happy squeezing (LOL) Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI
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everything was explained to me clearly.

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