Breast Implant Warranty?

I had saline breast implants in 1998 because of...

I had saline breast implants in 1998 because of cosmetic reasons after having a child. I was pleased with the results and now need to have them replaced.

I think they were manufactured by Mentor, and I am just wondering if (because I don't remember) there is (was) a lifetime warranty on them since one of them ruptured? Or will I have to pay full price to have them replaced? It has been 11 years but everyone tells me that the company should have warrantied them.

I am looking to get brest implants in the Madison WI area i could use some help in finding a GREAT Doc with a cheap price. Please if you could help me with names and or phone numbers. I am willing to drive with in 150 miles....
Mine ruptured after five years, and they only had a ten year warranty on them.They replaced the implant but not the surgery and i had to wait to be reimbursed my money. The warranty thingie is kinda new from what my doctor explained to me. You best option is to call the original doctor who did your surgery and have them pull your file. They should be able to tell you any and everything about your implants. BTW mine are Natrelle and my new implant has a confidence plus warranty on them with lifetime guarantee and i only had to pay an extra 100 dollars for the warranty, so worth it! And if the new one ruptures they will pay to have both of my implants replaced for free including the surgery costs!
Dr. Dibbell

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