Saline Breast Implant Recovery (475cc, Periareolar, Under Muscle)

I had my saline breast implants done exactly a...

I had my saline breast implants done exactly a week ago and they were placed under the muscle through the areola. They both were filled to a 475cc.

My left breast is already feeling fine and the swelling has gone down. My left breast, however, has more bruising (especially around the nipple) and is higher up on my chest.It also has numbness near the bottom. Beside the right breast on the ribs and below my armpit is very painful and hard to the touch. I am hoping this goes down soon and wondering if there is anything that can help the hardness and swelling go down? I also would like to know if this is normal. Thank You:)

I am so happy that I went through this surgey....

I am so happy that I went through this surgey. There was some pain that was a bit uncomfortable, but I think I will find it to be all worth it in the end.

You just had the procedure done a week ago? Your breasts are still very new so hard to say...

It can take a few months for swelling to subside, and for the implants to drop to their final position. This related thread explains a bit more: Uneven swelling post breast implants operation

Hope this helps!


Is it normal for the right breast to be more...

Is it normal for the right breast to be more swollen after breast augmentation? -- Updated on Sep 21, 2009: Why is the right breast more swollen that the left after BA? -- Updated on Oct 2, 2009: It has been just over 2 weeks since my surgery. I am still very worried about my right breast as it is much higher and appears smaller than my right. Does this look normal after 2 weeks? Will this breast meet with the other in the next few months? Or should I be worried? My surgeon is on vacation at this time.

Hey i am in the process at looking for doctor i am actualy going for the same incision as you as well did your left side even out? do you recomend your doctor?
It's been just over 2 weeks now and the right breast is still slightly higher than the left. Still normal you think? Also there is still some bruising on the right. My left one looks great though?

It has been almost a year now and they are now...

It has been almost a year now and they are now settled and even. When the doctor says time - he means it. Scars are almost invisible as well. Massage is very important!! I am very very happy with them and eventually would like to go bigger :)

Glad to hear your surgery went great. If you dont mind either posting pictures or can send me one, that would be extremely helpful. I plan on getting that same exact incision for surgery and we agreed on between 400 to 450ccsaline but im afraid i may get boobie greed. My date is coming up soon also. so many decisions
hi there, im from BC, do u mind giving me the name of your DR, thanks :)

Thanks for updating! Glad to hear that they evened out.

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