Boob Not Dropping-concern

I wanted breast augmentation because of self...

I wanted breast augmentation because of self concious issues. I was a flat B.

Suggested to my Plastic Surgeon by my OBGYN. We never discusses sizes, tried on different sizes explained CC's or differences, any of that. I trusted him to do it how he felt, and I'm now regretting my size. I wished I was bigger. That's alot of money to spend and not be satisfied.

I has breast implants around 2 1/2 months ago. My right breast still hasn't dropped like my left. It's about to drive me crazy. It's about an inch difference. Is is common to take this long, or do you think my muscles have tightened and it's going to stay like this? -- Updated on Oct 2, 2009: Is there any vigorous massages I can do to help the right boob drop to match the left?


I'm not sure about the breast strap???? My doctor doesn't use those. I would definitely massage more and maybe firmer on that side. That has seemed to help me some. I think it just takes some time, but I'm not patient.
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I am having the exact same problem with my left. I had surgery 7/28/09,right dropped in 2 weeks & is soft & normal. The left has always been more swollen & was bruised initially. It is high and firm and Tight. I'm right handd so not sure what my issue is. Wonder if it is too late to try a breast strap & will it affect the one that's already dropped.
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I went to the doctor today, and he seemed to not be concerned. He thinks they look fine and said my right side is tighter, but it'll take a little longer since that's my dominant side and muscles are tighter there. Oh well, I guess that's what they're paid to say. I'm too particular I guess. I go back in 6 months and hopefully by then it's perfect or I'll be upset at that point. Good luck with yours!
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