Lost 30kg, Got Breast Augmentation and Lift - Constant Pain

I had this surgery as i lost 30kgs and my breast...

I had this surgery as i lost 30kgs and my breast were sagging very badly. I had implants and a breast lift february of last year 2008...

I had my breasts lifted and augmented in February of last year, I fell pregnant in august and had my son 9 weeks ago. After surgery all was fine for a few month. Then I started experiencing breast pain, its a tender throbbing pain, changes locations but seems to occur where the implant is closest to the skin without much tissue covering it... its now happening in both breast occasionally but still mainly confined to the right one.

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Hes a great surgeon and made them look great, but thats where it ends...

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Hi there, wanted to see if u felt any better. I know it has been 4 years.
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