2 1/2 Weeks Post Op and Nervous

So far so good i hope lol, so far pain definatly...

So far so good i hope lol, so far pain definatly managable, not as bad as most of the stories i hear, i was fine day 2 night

I am currently 2weeks and 2 days post op breast implants. went from an a/b to now ? 330cc rt 340cc lt mentor mod plus smooth submuscular. i am softening in both but left breast that started out smaller with natural breast is now 1/2 cup size bigger then right since day 1, i know he put 10cc more because it was a smaller breast but y so much bigger? Also now for two days im getting a rubbing and sticking kinda feeling in rt breast, and i can feel implant laterally an wrinkly?

I am 18 days b.a. post op and extremely depressed and disappointed about how small
I am. Pre-b.a. I was a 34a and post op I am a 34c. I am 5"3 and weigh 119 lbs. I had wanted 500cc silicone implants but my dr said because of my measurements if I went any bigger than 425cc I would risk all sorts of complications such as asymmetrical breasts etc....so ultimately he talked me into 425cc implants. I am 18 days post op and I hate how I look. There is hardly any noticeable difference in pre- op size vs post- op size. I feel like a total idiot and am now counting down the days when I can have revision surgery and get what I had wanted originally 500 cc implants. To make matters worse I have not even seen my surgeon at any of my post op appts and he is going to be out of town the whole month of June when I will be due for my 6 wk post op appt. Can anyone tell me if this is normal for my surgeon to act like this and for me to be so upset?
DId your breasts ever become symmetrical? I am 2 weeks PO today and got 340cc in my left and 330 on my right and my left is noticeably bigger. I have an appointment tomorrow, but it would be great to know if yours evened out eventually!
i just had a b.a 3 days ago , i feel great, a bit freaked out by the look of the new girls...so far they look fake and very very round, i guess i have to give it some time, but the size came out good 300 cc, see what they look like in few days , any comments???
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he is great, they look soo beautiful from day 1, perfect, and he was thorough in explanation,funny makes you relax, honest about sizing, very little pain w no anesthesia after effects, incisions neat and tiny,all around cdnt have asked for a better surgeon and office, im just a nervous nelly lol

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