10 Lbs Heavier the Day After my Breast Implant Surgery (270cc).... is That Normal?

Very good, caring doctor, very skilled and not...

Very good, caring doctor, very skilled and not trying to force me into big boops but rather a natural look. Excellent experience and very nice staff too!

I had surgery 2 days ago, and feel + or - fine, but i am surprised to be weighting 10 lbs more than on the morning of my surgery (same scale). I can understand that there is the additional weight of the implants (270cc each) and the bloating and swelling, but is it all normal? Never had such a quick weight gain in my life! Thanks a lot for your explanations!
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Wow! I was only 2 pounds heavier!
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some of the vessels in the lymphatic system (in this case near your breasts) have been cut,,therefore, there is no way for the body to drain itself of the fluid and causes edema (swelling)...should dissipate rather quickly as lymph vessels grow back.
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The implants you have (270) weigh less than two pounds for the pair! So the extra weight gain is due to IV fluid/fluid and salt retention and should disappear within several days!
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I had mine done on the 18th and i too gained 10 lbs. I was freaked out but i haven't had any other complications. If you think about it too, they pump you full of IVs during surgery so that's wear a majority of the weight probably came from. Plus fluid retention from the meds. If you don't have any other issues, i'd just wait till you go in for your 1 week check-up.
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