Silicone Implants and Lift at Age 45 to Correct 18 Years of Sagging

I had Silicone Implants 1yr 6m ago. I had sagging...

I had Silicone Implants 1yr 6m ago. I had sagging breast since I was 27, finally had the surgery at 45 and am glad I waited until body parts were going to gravity. Now with my youthful beauty fading the implants & lift have given me a renewed self confidence.

I may have a rupture. Is it better to get the MRI then go to a Explant Surgeon or just see the Explant Surgeon? I would like to keep implants but would feel better with Saline if I need to change. Should I have my current Plastic Surgeon do it? What is the average cost of explnt in So Cal/Orange Co?

Dr. Howard VanNiel

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Thank You for your reply. I just didn't know which avenue to take first.
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Cherie DD, Sorry to hear about your problem. Before recommending you have the implant(s) removed, I'd be interested to know what makes you think you have a rupture in the first place? Silicone breast implants rupture rates are very low in the first few years, and I would suspect several other potential problems (ie capsular contracture, implant malposition, etc) before I would suspect rupture. My recommendation would be to see the surgeon who placed the implants and be examined. An MRI would be the second step, and only then would I recommend surgery. Removal of the implants can be fairly inexpensive, however, I suspect you will want them replaced, which will add significantly to the cost. Good luck in the future. Dr. Tyrone Gainesville, FL

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Hi Cherie,

For some guidance on your cost question, check out our breast explant cost map.

Good luck!

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