Never Have Breast Implants! You'll Be Sorry when It's Time to Take Them out

Breast Implants put in. Now 26 yrs. later need...

Breast Implants put in. Now 26 yrs. later need removed. Too costly in this economy. Big Problem. Dr's say no insurance co. will cover. what to other do in this case? Help appreciated.

Time to have removed. All Dr's so far say no ins. co will cover. Curious how you get ins. co's to pay. Help.

i would check with your insurance company. Seems if you are having a health problem, Insurance would cover because of a "health problem" Perhaps you could have a chance. Read Dr. Seify Hisham. I am going to find a surgeon again. It does help to feel and look good. I am going to check in as well. I do not want my implants held down by a weight ever again! I am looking for a local "certified plastic surgeon". Ok off line for now.
Dr. Thank you for your comment. I am 70yrs. Need to have hard sore implants removed. I would have it done again if possible. I had them over 30 yrs. That is good.
If your implants are ruptured your inssurance will cover their removal and the implant company will provide you with new ones.Best,hs
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Never have breast implants! You'll be sorry when time to take out.

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