Removing Implants After Only 8 Weeks

They look great, but I want them removed. I did...

They look great, but I want them removed. I did all the research I could, no research prepared me for what it actually feels like to have implants.

I am having my silicone gel implants removed after only having them for 8 weeks. My doctor said he would remove the implants, but didn't mention removing the capsule. I have read a lot about removing them "en bloc". How long does it take for caspules to form around implants? Is there a chance I don't have them yet? My doctor is now on vacation so I can't ask him.
I removed mine after 6 weeks, my breast are back to normal
Hello! Im curious, what size were you before and what size did you go to? What type of implants did you choose? Do you think its the size you dont like, or the texture? Or both? Can I also ask who your Dr was? Thanks so much! I hope that you have come to a satisfying resolution by now!?
I agree with you i did so much research that i think thats what made it harder because i felt tramatized after getting them. all i could think was the worse, i didnt know they cut your muscles off your sternum and it will never reatach and you wont have the same use of chest muscles. i had a removal after four weeks and thought i was the only one crazy enough to do that every one in the drs thought it was dumb to have paid so much. i think what made it bad was that they were too big but after the removal i couldnt be happier except it was hard to have drains. but now im thinking of having them done again just smaller this time but no matter how expensive the are is a small price to risk your health or even your life. and that is true no matter how much research you do you cant imagine how painful and dagerous it is
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