Breast Implant Removal Has Left Me in a Lot of Discomfort

14 years ago I had breast implants to...

14 years ago I had breast implants to "lift" my sagging breasts. To get the lift I wanted, without reconstruction, I opted for DD implants. I wanted to reduce the size of my implants and, to do this, I underwent breast reconstruction as well. This time, the doctor went under the muscle with the implants. Since I was getting this done, I also opted for a Tummy Tuck. It has been 4 weeks since the surgery.

My Tummy and Left Breast feel fine, normal tenderness but overall healing well. My right breast, however, is a different story. It feels like the "bag" does not move with the rest of me and any wrong movement, will cause it to "lock" in place and give me the sensation of a pulled muscle. As a result, I get a very uncomfortable feeling (not pain) and it has kept me from resuming my daily rutine and I am unable to fall asleep unless I take a sleeping pill. Is this normal? Will it get better?

It sounds like everything went great with your operation, yet you are now having a problem with one breast. If one breast now starts hurting, becomes firm and does not move quite the same as the other, this may be a sign that you are developing a capsular contracture. You should go back to your plastic surgeon immediately to have it evaluated. There are oral medications that are effective for this problem, but if they do not work you may require a revision operation of that breast.
I dont know, but I am past the 6 week mark and the problem is still around...very frustrating! I wish you luck with yours
Im having the same issue what is this???
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Until I get fully recovered, I cant honestly recommend this doctor. I do not know if he did something wrong yet.

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