Breast Reduction Disappointment - Not Small Enough

Procedure 6 months ago; 18 y/o. Went from a 38DDD...

Procedure 6 months ago; 18 y/o. Went from a 38DDD to a 38D removing nearly 400 grams per side. Back pain relief; not small enough

I had breast reduction for back pain relief and for cosmetic reasons. I hoped to be a small D cup and ended up a D cup size. My surgeon he was limited in removing tissue, fat because my breasts are young, firmer, and he was protecting the integrity of my nipple function. I think he was too conservative and am disappointed in my large size. Do I have options?


Yes you do have options. your Doctor did well you 18 and probably have solid breast tissue and very little fat in the breast. May need revision if you are so unhappy. Your Doctor did well the first time and will be able to help you agaon. He knows what technique he used the first time and will be able to protect your nipple viability. Go back to your Doctor
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You have a couple of options- It is possible to liposuction the breast and reduce the breast size. The other option is to wait a few months and do a revision of your breast reduction. It would be important to have a copy of your operative note from the first breast reduction surgery. Your insurance company will not pay for these procedures. Contact us for a consultation regarding your interest in breast reduction revisional surgery. Scott Sattler MD FACS

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I had back relief, but encourage others to be more informed about potential outcomes and expectations of surgery

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