Breast Reduction - I Am Still at Pre-op Size Due to Swelling

Had a reduction 7 weeks ago and my bra's still fit...

Had a reduction 7 weeks ago and my bra's still fit. Also, a few stitches sticking out that wont dissolve

When will the swelling go down and why are my breasts still big?
You still have some swelling, just be patient 3-6 months. As for the stitches, see your doctor he /she will remove them.This is common to spit some suture. In reduction there are a lot of suturing, some will work themselves out. It is easy to deal with. Let the doctor know.Posting on real self does not solve the problem.
I am contemplating a breast reduction. My problem is I don't recover well from any surgery. Takes me twice the time at least to bounce back.My last surgery was lipo of my belly and back in march 09 and I thouth I was gonna die. The pain was for 90 days. Is the reduction real bad for people who dont bounce back real fast.
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