Breast Lift Via Collagen Injections

I have had breast lift, injected with collagen. It...

I have had breast lift, injected with collagen. It looks nice after because my breast become firm. painful coz it was injected around breast individually.

It was done 5 years ago. In 5 years, when everytime I touch my breast by pressing in i can still feel pain, seems like muscle pain.

Is is possible to remove the injected collagen to my breast? Is it collagen cause breast cancer that i am worrying now? is it normal for 5 years to experience the muscle pain on my breast?

Dr. Nonette Lim, Makati Branch, Philippines

The service is not good enough.

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ganyan dn prob k sis, sumasakit dn ung breast k tpos ngkron ng mdami bukol 7 s ryt & 2 s left. 25k in peso ang bnyran k. feeling k hnd colagn itnurok satn kundi silicone oil. dra.sonia cornista nmn doctor ko. gs2 k nga ipatanggal kc nta2kot nko mg 2 yrs plang 2ng sakin.
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Dear Brenda I somehow doubt you had collagen and I would be concerned it was some other product. Please see a plastic surgeon to see what can be done for you. I have never heard of a breast lift via collagen but I do know of the horrible consequences of silicone injections into the breast. I hope all turns out well. Steven Schuster MD FACS
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