Breast Implants - HELP! They Look Fake

Hi, I had my breast augmentation performed two...

Hi, I had my breast augmentation performed two years ago. I wanted the moderate plus, silicone implant, but my surgeon convinced me into getting full profiles. I told him that I DID NOT want to have fake looking breasts. I made it clear to him that I wanted natural, tear dropped looking breasts.

After my surgery, my nipples pointed down. The surgeon said it was "normal" and that my breasts we're just swollen and that It'd get better. A couple months later, it still remained the same. He later tells me that he incorrectly placed the implant on my chest. He said he put my implants too low.

I did so much research, he was triple certified. I paid $8000.00. He made the implant fuller on the top instead of the bottom, my side profile looks like a triangle. I'm so sad, I don't know what to do.

What are my options? What can I do? Why do my breasts look this way? What does it mean when he placed the implant too low? I'd really appreciate any type of help or advice. This was my first surgery and I'm looking for a surgeon to help me correct this problem. Thank You.


Please tell me your Dr.s name I live @ your area and I interviewing Dr's to have mine done. Thanks and how are you doing? Did you have them redone?
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what is the drs name
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No way!!! you do not have to pay for his screw up. I had mine done and they are fine, but a bit to far apart and I went back, I told them Im not pleased that they are to far apart and they will change them free of charge. And you also paid 8000 for them, I only paid half of the price of even less. Good luck xx
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Name not provided

He did not listen to my needs. My breasts look un-natural and fake.

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