Retouch Brazilian Butt

I had a the brazilian butt lift about 2wks ago. I...

I had a the brazilian butt lift about 2wks ago. I did it because I wanted more volume being that I didn't have much to work with in that area. I am not happy with my results. I feel that there is very little difference from what I had prior to procedure. I am not asking to be J-LO I just want to feel that I can see a difference.

Being that I am not happy with my results and my doctor is not happy as well he has told me he wants to do lipo again from my abs area to then transfer about 400cc to my butt again. #1 Is it safe to redo a lipo in the same area 6 wks after initial one done? #2 Will 400cc make a difference in your personal opinion?

who was your doctor?
Wow! I'm with lfrancis! Your doc shoulda been haopopy with his OWN results before you woke up! Anyway, what doc admits he doesn't like his own work?!? I really wouldn't go back to him because he should have told you to wait 6 MONTHS not 6 weeks to be safe for your body. Please don't attempt it again before your body completely heals. Trust me, I was tempted to re do myself but I have a 5 year old that needs me more than I need azz!
Who is your doc?
Name not provided

I can't recommend him at this time but maybe after all is done I might change my mind.

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