Brazzilian Buttlift

I went international for my procedure. I had a...

I went international for my procedure. I had a Tummy tuck,Brazzilian buttlift,and lipo.It was very painful,but I am 2 weeks 4 days post op and although recovery seems forever it is coming along. Still a little hunched over,but getting straighter every day. I did the procedure because I had a saggy stomach and stretch marks from giving birth and no butt fat at all. I needed to feel more like a woman.

When should the massage take place for the brazilian buttlift? I was told by my friend right after and by the surgeon a month later. When I begin the massage should it be a specific way to do it?


im interested in who did your surgery in cancun. i live in baja mexico and would consider a doctor here but havent found one especially with good references. can you let me know your doctors name? thanks 0
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i want to do a butt lift. can you tell me where you went thanks hope you feel better and look great
you should have the massage asap. my doctor recommended the massage 1 week post op. it did not hurt, it was sore from the rubbing they do but its worth it, it really helps with the swelling.
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Name not provided

I think the united states is the best place although a bit expensive.

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