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Botox = Brilliant. First Injection at Age 22 for Forehead Line

I got my first botox injection when I was 22. I...

I got my first botox injection when I was 22. I know this is a really young age to be worrying about wrinkles but I had one really deep line across my forehead that would become pronounced whenever I did anything, especially concentrate. It used to drive me nuts! I noticed it most after I would straighten my hair (I guess it involved alot of concentration).So I decided to give botox a go.

I think I get around 4 units injected into my fore-head, every 3 months or so. It has done wonders for the lines on my forehead, it also give my eyebrows a really nice peak/shape. I love it!

I can always tell when it is starting to wear off because my eyebrows start to go flat and dont look as nice. I still have movement in my forehead and look really natural, I can raise my eyebrows etc.

My friends think I'm crazy, but I think prevention is the best cure. If you're curious give it a try, if you dont like the results they will wear off after a couple of months. I have bought a million expensive wrinkle creams but nothing has worked this well.

yes I'd love to know too that price is amazing!!
May i ask where you had it done and how much it cost?
I'm glad you had such a great response to botox. It makes such a difference for so many patients and age isn't a factor. We all have muscles that make strange or prominent creases at different times in our lives. You are very wise to improve the problem now rather than waste a fortune on products and creams that won't do the same. Good For You. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD
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