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Will my Eyebrows Return to Normal After Botox?

Treatment was comfortable and Dr experienced in...

Treatment was comfortable and Dr experienced in the field so had no concerns. did it to get rid of frown lines as they made me look grumpy all the time.

I had Botox in my 11's (glabella?). It all looks fine but when I raise my eyebrows they stay down near my nose and riase up high with a real arch at the sides which makes me look kinda scarey. My Dr said this was not a problem and easily corrected. What should I expect, where will he inject and how much botox? Also what caused this? did he do it wrong or does this happen somtimes?

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He wasw nice and helpful when I phoned up, but will write more after my review.

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Some of the Botox was injected into or has diffused into the central part of the frontalis muscle, by the sounds of it. This is a pretty common side-effect, and a little lateral brow arch on a female is often a good thing. Yours sounds like more than the average amount of brow arching, though. It's usually possible to minimize this by injecting additional Botox into some of the lower and more lateral aspects of the frontalis. Often, only a small amount is required (2.5 - 5 units per side), but your doc should be able to tell you the exact plan.
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