Botox Not Injected Properly? It Seems to Be a Guessing Game

Love botox but it seems to be a guessing game, no...

Love botox but it seems to be a guessing game, no matter what professional you go to or how much you pay. It is absolutely worth it if you can find someone skilled...


Guessing game? I think 'crap shoot' might be more accurate...
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 I have since gone back & they were MORE...

 I have since gone back & they were MORE than happy to do whatever it took to make me happy...I completely recommend my Dr & he is charming with an awesome nurse :) and did an excellent job. 


I take it back- I do not recommend this doc. It still didnt work....err....$500 down the drain. Botox DOES work though if applied PROPERLY!!
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Thanks for the offer but I live in Australia!
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NO DOUBT!! where do you live, perhaps I can recommend someone? I know an excellent doc in Miami

 I completely take it back. The botox didnt...

 I completely take it back. The botox didnt ever work, even after the 'touch up'. What it did do for the middle of the forehead has now faded away and I had it done in October. The doc said it would last 6mths because of how they only used it when it was fresh- every other Thursday when the shipment came in. I am not going back- I sent an email, I cant let them near me with a needle if they are just going to be irritated about the return visit.. So now its been a Plastic surgeon, a NP from a plastic surgeons office & a Dermatologist. The best so far was the PS. Again, botox is awesome, it is just unfortunate that some dont know their stuff & then want to charge you as if they did..

The first time I got Botox it worked beautifully but wore off before 6wks! I believe it was watered down...the 2nd & now 3rd time I paid significantly more but it is not working between the brows. The docs get very defensive when I return- I don't believe they are putting it into the proper muscles in that area as it has worked nicely in the middle of the forehead (which I didnt even ask for..) How do I approach this? Should they inject a bit further out above the eyebrow perhaps?

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