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Botox for Preventative Anti-aging (32 Years Old)

I really liked the botox treatment. Almost pain...

I really liked the botox treatment. Almost pain free and no down time. I'm 32 and wanted to use it for preventative anti-aging.

I received the botox treatment for the first time a little over 12 hours ago. I got home and gave myself a mini facial, forgetting that I wasn't supposed to rub or press on the areas injected. I pressed by my nose and now I have a swollen area there on the right and left sides of my nose. Will this go away? Did the botox move? I'm slightly concerned...


hi, I massaged the botoxed area when got home, (had no idea it was dangerous). I'm fine and no swelling or drooping occured so far, hope you'll be okay too, good luck.
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You are probably just fine and most likely the botox isn't going to move and the swelling will be gone by morning especially if you ice it alittle. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD
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he was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking all my questions. He was careful to explain how he was going to do the procedure, where and how much. It was a great experience.

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