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Botox Worth It but Now I Have Deep Wrinkles Above Eyebrows

But now i have these deep wrinkles above my...

but now i have these deep wrinkles above my eyebrows. what would you do.i wish i new the best possible treatment to get rid of these wrinkles.

do i need a facelift?
If you just got Botox in the forehead area only! This is what is going to happen. The forehead muscle pulls upward normally without any treatment this is wear we get this excited surprised look from. The muscles in the middle of your eyebrows and around each of the eyes pulls downward, so this is were the Doctor normally has to do some sculpturing with the Botox to get the right balance along with him knowing how the muscles will react in the area that he is treating with Botox. For insistence if you put Botox in the forehead area and that area becomes relaxed than automatically the brows will come down in most cases some more than other depending on the strength of that person muscle structure. This sound like what you are having problems with. In this case they should have put a little in between the upper bridge of the nose and two to three small shots in the (V) between the brows they should pull and open the middle of the brow giving it a more relaxed look. So If you gat a small amount place into the bridge of your nose its called the V shape area of your upper brow and a small bit of Botox on upper brow that should do the trick. Did your Doctor tell you if you needed to come back in 2 week to let him see you, this is why so he can sculpture the area that need to be tweaked… hope this helped.
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