Botox is Great (Eyes, Forehead and Frown Between my Eyes)

I had Botox two months ago and had three areas...

I had Botox two months ago and had three areas done for that price. My eyes, forehead and frown between my eyes. I can now see why so many people love Botox and could seriously get addicted to it!.

I had it done by a Doctor after he kindly told me that the eyes are the first thing people look at!. Took ten days for it to take affect, I was getting quite impatient and thought it was not going to work. Then it did but he had missed a line on my forehead which made me look strange, so I went back and he sorted it out. Apparantly you are meant to have a second visit after ten days anyway.

I did not have many lines anyway on my forehead but hopefully Botox will stop them forming. I had lines around my eyes when I smiled and a frown between them, which I now do not have.

I really like the feeling of Botox, if you have had it done you will understand what feeling I mean!. Also the fact it stops the lines getting worse is great. I just wish I'd had it done sooner. The downside is that it does not last long enough and so can get expensive.

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Dr. Paul Myers

Is a Doctor which I think is much better than a beauty salon worker doing it.

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