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Botox to Get Rid of the Deep Frown in Center of Forehead

I did it to get rid of the deep frown in center of...

I did it to get rid of the deep frown in center of forehead. They did a LPL full face first then injected 30 units they say of Botox. Was injected by a RN nurse. I did not feel anything.

Is the amount safe and I had no side effects except a minor headach. I noticed the wrinkle is still here and they inidcated they would fill it with a filler. There was no doctor on site it in my town and they said they have access to a medical doctor.

I recently had botox injected in the Glabella area. 30 units and was wondering how many more of this if given is safe?


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Was a spa clinic. Doctor was not on site.

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