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Botox Gone Wrong, Wanted One Forehead Line Removed

I only wanted one line in my forehead removed,...

I only wanted one line in my forehead removed, doctor did not listen. He did my whole forehead. It doesn't look natural. I have no movement at all in my forehead. To add insult to injury he caused my right eyebrow to droop and my right eyelid has been obliterated.

I am mortified. This is a dual board certified physician. How could he have done this?

I agree I went to a dual board certified physician and the results were horrible.. It's been 8 weeks and I am still suffering. I will go back to the dermatologist who did a wonderful job back in April.. The dual board plastic surgeon will never touch me again.
The RealSelf doctors keep stressing how important it is to go to a board certified physician. However, it is apparent from many of the negative posts that having injectables administered by a board certified physician is absolutely no guarantee of a good result.
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Did not listen to what I wanted done and did what he wanted

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