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Botox Gone in One Month

I love botox I just wish it would last longer than...

I love botox I just wish it would last longer than one month. Recently, I had botox done and now one month later it is gone. Why,Please help.

I recently had botox done and loved it. But literaly one month later it is gone. Please tell me why and how?
Dr. Loung

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I had Botox done two months ago and also love it. I think you should have been told to use a filler by the person who done it like the Doc has said on your answers. And seeing as it has not worked this should be either done free or refund you.
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Sorry to hear you weren't happy with your Botox. These related Doctor Q&A threads may help answer your questions:

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I love Botox, the only problem it was gone with in one month, Does anyone else have this problem? If so why was it gone with in one month? Please help I love botox, but can not afford to pay $400 every month.
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