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Botox for Frown/forehead Lines - Wonderful Results! - Toronto, ON

I had Botox two weeks ago in my frown lines and...

I had Botox two weeks ago in my frown lines and forehead, I'm 26 but I had bad premature ageing in this area so decided to give Botox a try.

I had 39 units, 25 in my frown lines and 14 in my forehead, the procedure took minutes and the pain was minimal. I had swelling around the injection sites for 5 minutes, it was totally gone by the time I left the clinic.

I did get some bruising, it was similar to what you get after a blood test, it was easy to cover with makeup and went away in a few days. I did get a headache after the procedure and I felt slightly dizzy for a week. I did not get any drooping. On the fourth day I noticed the lines had almost completely smoothed out and my forehead looked great!

I can still raise the outer two thirds of my eyebrow, it looks very natural (as natural as a Botoxed forehead can look that is!). I'll definitely be getting Botox again, it's been a very positive experience for me.

Dr S. Mullholland and Karina Zorn (Nurse) at Spa Medica on Avenue Rd

I highly recommend, they three options when getting botox, you can use a nurse ($12 per unit), cosmetic dermatologist ($14 per unit) or cosmetic surgeon ($17 per unit). I consulted with a plastic surgeon and had the procedure done by a nurse, the nurse I used only does injectable and laser procedures so she was very experienced and knowledgeable.

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I know this was posted a while back but seconding the part about your gorgeous lashes!
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I do the between your eyes shot. It helps with the frown. You don't have premature aging.
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you have beautiful lashes!!! do you use a eyelash growth product?
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looks good! you have amazing eyes!
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You had "bad premature aging". Are you serious. You have a lot of long years ahead sister.
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Dead serious, I had more lines on my forehead/between the brown than my mother...who is 30 years older than me!!! I might have a lot of years ahead of me but that doesn't mean I have to live them with major frown lines =)
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