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Might Start Wearing an Eye Patch to Cover Droopy Eye Caused by Botox

I got botox for an eye lift. After botox I got...

I got botox for an eye lift. After botox I got one eye lifted and one eye drooped. It is so noticible that everyone I talk to asks me what happened to my eye. I am so embarrassed.

Should I get more botox in the drooped eye? It is so bad I am considering wearing a patch on one eye. I don't know what to do. I am so embarressed.

droopy lid occurs and it is awful. i am on week 12 and am still suffering, must wear sun glasses and can not make direct eye contact with another without excessive twitching and closing of the eye. is not worth even the slightest risk.there is no guarantee that where botox is injected will not seep elsewhere. this is a fact.
The place was a high end medical spa with rave reviews. No dermatologist injected me; it was a nurse. I know that she is experienced and has been doing this for years. This procedure was so horrible for me and I didn't realize how two injections for my crows feet would affect my whole face (even on the 'good' side. I will never do it again.
I had injections only for crows feet and was told the droopy eye only occurred with the injections over the eyebrow. However, I've had a terrible outcome with the tiny amount injected - I didn't realize how it would affect ALL of the muscles in my face, including my lip (I have a freaky assymetric smile). In addition, I had a black eye!!! Two weeks! I'll never, ever do it again. Some people have good outcomes, but I had no idea it would change my whole face. I hope this helps.
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Not been doing it long enough

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