Botox Didn't Work!

I had Botox to reduce my frown lines yesterday. ...

I had Botox to reduce my frown lines yesterday. Today I still have the same lines. I paid $500 for four injections. I feel ripped off.

Is it customary to go back to my dermatologist and ask for a refund on the Botox injections he gave me? I look the same!!!
I've had two different experiences. The Botox worked immediately-the nurse emphasized that it was a 'fresh' batch. She told me to lift my eyebrows up and down immediately after the injections and I was told to do this throughout the day (to work the Botox into the muscle group I suppose). The other experience, at a different office, it took almost a week to work. Because of my first experience, I was alarmed and felt ripped-off. Even called the next day to complain. I was told that it may take a few days (which it eventually did). But why such different results??? Fresh vs. old? Dilution ratios? Anyway, I'm sure you'll be fine. If no results after a week I'd be making a call !
It does take a few days for it to work. Mine took 4 days the first time.
It can take up to 7 days for Botox to paralyze the muscles, and then it takes further time for the lines to reduce, depending on how deep they are. Here's a thread that explains a bit more: Botox did not work
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