Botox Between my Brows!

It was great. I can't look mad- that might be a...

It was great. I can't look mad- that might be a good thing LOL.

Im very happy with the results. No weird side effects. I noticed results in about 3 days.

Botox was okay betwee my eyebrow, but it didn't get one of the 11's completely iron out. I was got extremely dry eye problem right after injection. It took like about 6 days to see the final result. I still want to get it done like once every 4 months and see if continuously use of botox will eventually get rid of one of the 11's between my eyebrows. At least one of the doctors whom I went for a consultant told me that can happen. If not, then I might consider get the one of my 11's (the the "l" on my right eye is deep) to be filled out with radiesse filler. It didn't hurt and there were no bruising. . The doctor that did this was very nice and was very patience to listen to what I got to say. He wasn't rushing anythng. He also did my radiesse on my laugh line. This place gives free dental block if you are afraid of pain. I am going back when it is time to get touch up job. I was very depress and am glad I did it.
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