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Did Botox Cause Eye Twitches?

I didn't have any problems with the injections. ...

I didn't have any problems with the injections. But two years ago I developed a twitch in the muscles around my eye..top and bottom. It comes and goes. Just wondering if Botox injections have a history of this problem.

Has anyone else had a problem with Botox injections around the crows feet area causing twitching of the muscles for no reason.


my eye twitching started after the injections in crows feet. not knowing what it was and the doctor saying he had no idea i was diagnosed with blepho spasm and given more botox. i now know the botox caused the twitching and the opthamologist i see who figured out the entire nightmare explained that the twitching occurred because i could never get a full blink and believes it is from the botox.
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