Very Happy - Botox on Lines Between my Eyes and my Forehead

I was very nervous about getting botox as I have...

I was very nervous about getting botox as I have never done this procedure before. In fact, I'm really not the type of person who would do something to alter my physical appearance and I'm a bit of a skeptic. However, after going back to school and finding myself surrounded by an early twenties crowd, I wanted to take a more proactive role in getting older.

I just want to say the results really are fantastic. I couldn't believe it when I woke up the next day and the lines between my eyes and my forehead were gone. Before getting anything done, I went to several providers. I really feel like I settled on the right place where I can trust the doctors and technicians. I think patient care is a top priority with them. Plus, I like the relaxed surroundings of the office.

You definitely did a good job researching a facility that you felt had trustworthy doctors and staff. Unfortunately, more and more we see less scrupulous practitioners enticing patients into their offices with over inflated credentials and promises. Botox can do some wonderful things in the right hands and for the appropriate reasons. Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS Brzowski Plastic Surgery Ogden, UT
I had my first facelift at about age 43. It lasted for about 10 years then did it again. I am 67 now and am glad I did it. No one ever guesses how old I am. I had a laser procedure done last Christmas and it looks great. I now have had the botox and Juvederm for my lips and am very happy. You just have to keep up with it.
I was okay with botox between my eyebrows, but it didn't get rid of one of my 11's. ON the right side of my eye you can still steal a "l", but I am hoping with constant used of botox it will eventally flat out. If not, I want to use radiesse to fill it in. I wish I got this done sooner. I notice many people in their 40's also got this done. It couldn't be just me that got bad laugh lines and wrinkles between my eyes. I was stupid enough to think that everyone just have better gene than me, but how would all these plastic surgeons make their money?? My dermatologiest told me many people get plastic surgeries. If that wasn't true, then why so many plastic surgeons still in business right??
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They know what they are doing.

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