Severe Lid Ptosis

I sought Botox treatment to reduce my frown and...

I sought Botox treatment to reduce my frown and angry appearance with deeper lines appearing. the first two treatments were very good and the outcome pleasing lasting about 2-3 months.

How long would you expect a severe lid ptosis to persist. The dose of botox was low, 4 units per side, 2 injection sites. This was the third botox treatment with the affect lasting 2-3 months no more for previous treatments. iopine drops were used initially with no notable difference. It has now been two weeks.

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At least I could see what I have to go true about my situation,I guess I have to wait, not to believe what the doctor says,I feel like only God to help me on this,I had pay a lot of money to look like this? every day the doctor who did my Botox asked me to send a picture, and after that he always came up with a argument about, on top my agrevation I felt like a stupid. Doctor if you do not have a competency, dont keep the door open.I had a Botox done before for more than 5 years,everything was fine, now that I had to change place once oh my God......
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This happened to me on third visit. I found out afterward that the girl that did it was new (the other times was by qualified individuals in same office.) The doc said it would take about 3 weeks with the eye drops. 4 weeks later I got a second opinion. That doctor basically said the drops would be useless and the effect would last as long as the botox. I was a full blown pirate for about 3 months, but still had some after effects up to 6 months. It sucks. The second doc said it was rare with a qualified person; the fist said it was fairly common. Go figure.
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