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I had my first botox injections in August, and had...

I had my first botox injections in August, and had great results for not only deep set frown lines, but miraculously, my migraines which plagued me daily, were gone! However, the botox wore off in two months and my migraines returned.

I just had the procedure done a few days ago with the reasurrance that it would last much longer, and I am now migraine free again. My doctor put a few more injections in areas that she felt would enhance the effects of the botox for my migraines.

I love not having to depend on all of the medications that made me so drowsy and affected me to the point that I could barely function. I believe that botox is the answer for migraine sufferers.

I have had 3 wrinkle filler injections around my mouth and I can not tell any difference. What is wrong? Is my cosmetic surgeon did using enough or is he just using plain water for the injections?
I have the same problem. Spent over $3000 on Restylane in a year. The Restylane is only lasting 3 months around the lip lines. I contacted the company and they told me that the 6 to 9 month time line for Restylane is ONLY guaranteed for the naso labial folds and not the lips.

For the money I've spent on my lip lines I could have had surgery for a permanant fix. I guess we live and we learn.
Botox can treat migrain , this was well described in the literature. But its effect on migrain may not last 5 months.If migrain reponds to Botox then surgery to release these nerves may improve your migrain for much longer time. The father of this procedure is Dr. B. GUYURON the Chairman Of the Department of Plastic Surgery At CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, Cleavelnad, OH
Varsha Desai

I am 44 years ols and have been going to this doctor for many years, and she just opened a spa next to her office. She is so caring and precise that I trust her and highly recommend her to anyone. My results from my first treatment only lasted two months, and this concerned her, so she told me this time to expect it to last at least 4-5 months ( the botox was more concentrated.)

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