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Botox for Frown Lines on Forehead Caused Saggy Upper Lids

4 months ago, I received Botox for frown lines on...

4 months ago, I received Botox for frown lines on my forehead. I believe that muscles around the eyes were relaxed, and as a result I have "saggy" upper eye lids and a "heavy" feeling in my eyelids. The good effects of the Botox (removal of frown lines) has worn off, but I'm still experiencing the heavy/puffy upper eye lid problem.

I also noticed some shadows under my eye's. But around the same time as the Botox, I lost about 5 lbs, so I'm not sure if the hollow look under my eyes, right at the top of my cheekbone is from less weight, or the relaxation of eye socket muscles. My "gut" tells me, it wasn't coincidence, and that the Botox did something here as well.

Pros: Much less wrinking between eye brows. Unable to frown.

Cons: Upper eye lids feel heavy, and sag a little. Eyes feel "tired".

I would have been a repeat customer, I was so happy with the good results. But now am too scared and worried about the lid problems to ever try this again.

Will I ever go back to the way my eyelids looked? I'm worried this was permanent -- that the muscles won't ever be the same.


I guess I'm wondering if anyone else who has experienced this, has gotten back to 100% -- the way they were before the Botox. It should be wearing off now -- it is 4 months. But it almost seems worse. My eyes always feel tired (like I have to work to keep them open to look the way they used to look), and the upper lids are saggy. Maybe I'm just hyper-aware of it -- because I'm panicky that it won't go away. I need some hope.

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According to this Doctor Q&A page (Will I get permanent side effects from Botox?), results are not permanent. The muscles that control your lids should bounce back once the Botox wears off.

I see you've been active on a few other Botox reviews where people experienced droopy eyes, and IIRC they have all gotten better.

Good luck and I hope you're back to your normal self again soon. :)

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I think if they had diluted the Botox differently, and/or injected in a different place, I could have avoided the lid problems.

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