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Botox / Energy Drink Reaction?

Wanted Botox in order to look refreshed. It's only...

Wanted Botox in order to look refreshed. It's only been 24 hours so I am unsure of the results at this point. The doctor I used was informative.

I had Botox yesterday afternoon above the brow line. This morning I drank a 6 hour energy shot. After drinking it I thought I was having a "niacin flush" from neck to eyes. It started getting painful (like ant bites) so I put a cold cloth on my face cheeks down.

At that point my face puckered (think 80 year old woman without her dentures in) and went numb. Six hours later the puckering has gone down but I'm still a tad numb. Was this a bad drink reaction or has the drink reacted w/ the Botox?


Curious to know what has happened since you posted.
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My entire face was numb for a full day, like having too much novacaine at the dentist. After that though everything was fine and I've been pleased...but I haven't had any more energy drinks.
yeah, i bet :)
Dr. John Murphy

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