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Botox Gave Me a Droopy Lid - Doctors Need to Be Honest About Side Effects

My doctor is board certified and very busy...

My doctor is board certified and very busy practice. I still ended up with droopy lid. Please do not indicate that it is without risk if even in the best of circumstance.

dr. sammuels

He did not explain side effects even after being confronted with them. Said he has never heard of this reaction.

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A drooply lid, or ptosis is seen in patients (2-5%) With an experienced injector this number should reduce, but your provider should let you know that before injecting. This condition is temperary (2-3 weeks) and may be lessened by drops that your doctor can give you.
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Is it true that when you bruise easily you should take vitamins c for 2 weeks before injection of botox will that help thanks alice
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avoid alcohol (24-48hrs before), vit e, fish oil, retinol (1 week before) Try Arnica (topical only) one week before treatment
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hi, which day did they droopy lid appear and where were the injections done?
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within the first week. not knowing what was going on i had botox on a friday and by monday i found myself pulling on my eyelash to move my eyelid. then it moved into blinking because i think I was trying to keep my eye open by using my eyeball and my eye became exhausted and i became very stressed at not being able to keep eye open. hope this helps.
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