Botox, Never Again

I had botox on friday 29th with it i also had scar...

I had botox on friday 29th with it i also had scar removal on my chin and the dr froze off some blemishes .because i am afraid of needles the Dr gave me a nerve bloke in my forehead which hurt more than anything else he had done to my face. come sat morning i looked hideous my eyelids were swollen almost shut and had started to go black, i wentback to him and he said he hadnt seen it before it was like i had had eyelid surgery,from there things got worse my eyelids started to get better but under my eyes began to swell and then my whole face it is like fluid is working its way down my face it has been 3 days and im still swollen and look like an alien he now thinks i have had a allergic reaction either to the nerve bloke or botox im terrified i will look like this for good he has told me to wait another day and if its no better he will give me a steroid shot i have never had anything done before and never will again.

Can you tell me how long it will take this swelling to go and will i have any disfiguration from this??


Carolla- A bunch of people I've met swear that Frownies work just as well as Botox, without the side effects. I ordered Frownies to see how those work. At $19, it's worth a try. :) A thought for you when the Bo wears off.
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Hi thanx for writing ,yep i am fine now i just have a tiny bit of swelling left around my cheeks. to be honest is scared me so much as i have never even had an operation and im absolutely terrified of needles so i was so proud of myself that i had done this lol but even tho the results after a week are amazing i think im gonna grow old gracefullyi could not put myself or my partner thru that again i looked horrifying. but im absoutely fine now thankyou
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Hi :) I'm so sorry you had this experience. I will tell you though, that I worked for both Lancome and Chanel for many years, just behind the counter as a cosmetic and skin care consultant in my 20's. Some customers came in looking downright frightening from allergic reactions (to return the offending product). They looked burned, disfigured, cysts, welts, hives, zits, rashes... not good. It always went away eventually, and I'm sure yours will also. It won't stay in the body, and as it dissipates, so will the allergic response. The strongest allergic response is usually the initial few days. Remember, some people are majorly allergic to foods you and I eat everyday. Maybe the doc can do a skin test to see which ingredient you are allergic to. Try not to worry. ... I see this was posted a few days ago. How are you now?
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