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Best Thing I Ever Did!

I am completely in love with my new forehead!! It...

I am completely in love with my new forehead!! It took about 3 days after the procedure to see the results, but when I did it just kept getting better. I am now in love with my forehead and always try to get the chance to look at it. I can't believe how perfect it turned out.

There was no pain at all during the injections, I had slight headaches for 3-4 days after. Every day I look in the mirror I am amazed I get to look like this for at least 3 months! I can't believe I didn't so this sooner. My nurse practitioner knew exactly how much I needed and it turned out beautifully. I even got a little lift in my eyebrows! I never look tired now!

Haley at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

She is the best! She knows exactly the amount you need and does a perfect job!

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