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Worried I Ruined my Botox - Eyelids Are Swollen and Droopy - Georgia

I loved my dermatologist until today. I had fraxel...

I loved my dermatologist until today. I had fraxel done in May and was very satisfied. I went last week for botox around the eyes and forehead. My eyelids had already greatly improved after the fraxel. I was told to come back in one week to tweak the botox if necessary. I went back yesterday and got more after seeing no real improvement from last week.

This week when I had it I could feel a pressure/ tightening sensation. I was not given any specifics on not doing anything. Last week I was told not to rub the site and to exercise the muscles. I was not told that I was not to bend over. I left the office yesterday and about 30 minutes later I worked in the yard, bending over for about 30 minutes. This morning I had swollen eyelids. I can still feel some pressure.

Did I ruin my botox by bending over? I have a wedding in a month and am scared that I may not look my best if this gets worse. Will it get worse? How long before it goes away - the entire 3-4 months?

I had botox yesterday and was not told that I should not bend over. About 30 minutes after the procedure I was working in the yard and bending over for about 30 minutes. This morning my eyelids are swollen and droopy. Have I ruined the botox. I have a wedding one month from today and I am afraid that I have really messed things up.

As a follow up to my previous post, I still must...

As a follow up to my previous post, I still must say that botox did not help me. Initially, I had a feeling of pressure and swelling. It made my eyelids baggier and my eyebrows droopier. I looked better before it. I don't think I would do it again.

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Thank you. I talked with my derm and she assures me that it is trauma from the injection. I am on day 3 since the injections and they are still worse in the morning and then get better as the day goes on.
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Hi BookLady, Sorry to hear about the swelling and droopy eyelids. First thing to do would be have your Derm examine you - it's important to determine if the swelling / drooping is related to trauma from the injection or the effects of Botox. Technically it takes Botox several days to two weeks to show it's affects, so it may be traumatic swelling. It is best not to lay flat for several hours after Botox injection to help prevent unwanted migration of the Botox to other areas. Bending over may theoretically be as problematic. Do see your Derm - if you have a droopy lid from Botox, drops can be used to help and additional injections may be done to help your brows look symmetric. Take care, Dr. Kamran Jafri
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